Wednesday night I ran yet another trail race at Black Creek Park. This was part of the Dirt Cheap trail series, and a good bit shorter than my last two trail races. I completed the run in 46:00, which placed me as the 100th finisher. My time was quicker than last year, but this is rather meaningless as the course was a bit shorter.

The weather was great, and the trail was fairly dry, so everything was set for this to be a good run. However, for some unknown reason I couldn’t get mentally ready for this race. My overall finish time and placement points to my pace being roughly as expected, but I just felt slow. The second time up the hill my legs felt dead, although I did manage to run all the way up. (If this was tactically a good idea is probably up for debate).

The next dirt cheap race is September 5th, although I may run another race before then.