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Category: Brick City 5k

5k around the bricks of RIT

Sunday morning I returned to my alma mater to run the Brick City 5k at RIT. I finished the run in 23:36 which was a little slower than I had hoped for, but my quickest 5k in a long while. I was a minute and a half quicker than I ran the Airport 5k earlier this year, and about the same time ahead of my finish on this same course last year.

I have really not gotten used to the quicker pace of these shorter races. I started out trying to keep up with the front runners, but that only lasted about half a mile. After that I just tried my best and pushed a bit to pass a few runners at the end.

Brick City 5k

On Sunday morning I ran the Brick City 5k at RIT. I finished in 25:15 which is a bit slower than I had been hoping to do, and behind my time from the 2015 version of this race. However in my defense it has been over a month since I ran a road race that was shorter than the marathon distance.

The run started well enough, but having gotten used to the more casual speeds of distance and trail running I could feel it in my legs almost immediately. I did a decent job keeping a pace for the first two miles or so, but was unable to maintain that speed and dropped back to something more casual for the final mile.

My next race will be in early November, back on the trails of Mendon Park.

Shortest race of the year

After racing in the Finger Lakes and the Adirondacks, the bricks of RIT were a bit less scenic in what may be my only 5k in 2015.

Having done no speed work since the spring, I came into the race a bit under-prepared, as I needed the past week to recover from my previous race. Still, my time of 21:11 was quicker than either of my 5k runs last year.