On tuesday night I ran a five mile trail race at Mendon Ponds Park as part of the Run our Trails series. I finished the course with a time of 48:42 which was good enough for 25th place.

After feeling like I held back my pace a little too much in last saturday’s trail race I was determined to put together a more aggressive start. While it may seem to be an odd comparison, my per mile pace was quicker even as the course was occasionally muddier.

I ran solo for most of the final two miles of the race, but felt like I continued to do a good job of pushing myself. Then towards the very end of the race I made a wrong turn and found myself at the start of the race instead of the finish. Given that I was confident that I had made the course longer instead of shorter, I just cut back across and headed straight to the finish. Had I not missed the turn, my time could have been even quicker.

My next race will be the Fairport Firecracker Four Mile on the fourth of July.