I have two races planned for October, a 50k and a 5k. This is both my longest, and my shortest race of the year.

First the 50k race is around Lake Canandaigua and will be my first ultramarathon. My goal time for the race is six hours, but it is possible that it may take me as long as seven and a half hours. After the disaster of the Rochester Marathon it is clear that I will slow down at some point, so my plan is to take the advice of the crowds and walk up the hills, even if they find me early on in the race. Additionally there are a limited number of water stops on the course so I will be carrying water with me in this race for the first time ever. So far I have only 4 miles of practice running with a water-pack so hopefully that does not cause any problems.

My second race of the month is the Brick City 5k at RIT. Oddly this will be my first (and possibly only) 5k of the year. I would really like to break 20 minutes, but that may prove difficult with all of my training for the last year focused on longer races.