cropOn Saturday I ran my first 50k as part of the Can Lake 50, and finished with a time of 6 hours and 8 minutes. This was incredibly close to what I considered to be a best case scenario, and (somewhat inexplicably) an average faster pace than I had in the Rochester marathon. Overall, I placed 20th out of the relatively small field in the race.

My plan to carry water in the race worked out well. I picked up the backpack at 12.5 miles, and my two liters lasted me until mile 28 without stopping to refill. It didn’t really cause too much discomfort, although I found that I needed to pull it tighter as the water depleted. Also, while I don’t normally take food mid-race, for some reason I found myself going for the Fig Newtons.
I am incredibly happy with my time in what has been my last major race of 2015. As I approach the end of the race calendar, it might be time to start planning some races for 2016.