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Category: Spring Forwards 15k

15K through Mendon Ponds

On Saturday I did my longest run of 2018 with the Spring Forwards 15k in Mendon Ponds. I finished with a time of 1:32:41 which was good bit slower than when I last ran this race two years ago.

For better or worse, I ran the first mile 15 seconds quicker than my opening mile from last week, but was already at least three minutes behind by the time I got to the five mile mark. Part of the problem was that unlike last weekend, the weather stayed cold and never quite became nice. However the real problem is that my weekly mileage is still far too low.

Next weekend is Easter, so I won’t have another race until April.

Fifteen Kilometers of Hills

12898334_947714875297138_5096404277199355014_cropOn Saturday I ran the Spring Forwards Distance Run at Mendon Ponds. My time of 1:15:35 is technically a PR, but my only other 15k time is a split from a half marathon.

I felt that my pace was a bit inconsistent, but I felt strong at the end despite the course having no flat sections. If I can maintain that average pace for longer runs, then I should be in good shape for this coming season.

I finished the race in 92nd place which places me in the top 20% of finishers. My next race at Mendon Ponds will be back on the trails.