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Category: Shoreline Triathlon

Shoreline Triathlon PR

On Sunday I finished the Shoreline Triathlon in 2 hours and 5 minutes. This is my best time yet on this course, and I improved my time on the swimming, biking, and running portions of the race.

I finished the half mile swim in 24:43 which is a bit over a minute quicker than last year. I am still one of the slower swimmers, but I am improving.
I finished the 15.7 mile bike course in 62:21. This is 13 minutes quicker than I was when I first did this race in 2014. Last year’s bike course was slightly different, but I still had a higher average speed than last year, and also the paddle-tri from earlier this year.

The run has been my most consistent part of this race, but I still managed to finish the four miles 45 seconds quicker than my previous best on this course.

Year’s first triathlon complete

swimAt Hamlin Beach Park, I completed my first triathlon of the year in 2 hours and 20 minutes. While I placed a bit better than I did last year, I still have a lot of room to improve when it comes to triathlons.

Once again I was one of the slower swimmers in the race, but I did improve my time by a little over a minute. I would have like to have done better on the bike. This year’s bike course was longer and hillier than last year’s, but with my new bike I still had hoped to improve more than I did. My run was actually a few seconds slower than last year, but this remains the one stage of the triathlon that I am confident in.