11539065_823629431039017_1371562265832392216_oOn Wednesday night I ran the fourth leg of the Dirt Cheap Trail series at Webster Park. While it is possible that the course was slightly shorter, I blew away my goal of 60 minutes by finishing in 50 minutes and 17 seconds. This was good enough for me to finish 84th overall, which places me in the top 24 percentile.

They say that there is no such thing as a bad PR, but I really feel that I could have done better. I tripped twice during the race, and had another incident where the plank of a bridge literally snapped in half as I ran over it. Additionally (assuming that the course would be drier than it was) I chose the wrong shoes for this race opting for my Vibrams over my spikes which slowed me down in some of the muddier sections.